On this page you will find all the quality shows produced by our crack team of professionals.
Spend a night on hit shows such as Spooky Movie Night Europa or Tuesday Night Themes.
More are under development.

On Monday evenings, Dave the Movie Buff (and in-house cheese connoisseur) open the proverbial curtains for a hand-picked movie.
He deals most in classic Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy and Disaster movies. (Not ‘disastrous’!)
The time is 1900 UTC/GMT at the Cozy Broadcast Network Channel!
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From 7pm UK / 20:00 CEST (UTC+1) on Tuesday evenings Empy, the renowned composer and musician, puts on a special musical night for everyone to enjoy.
Join in as the audience is taken on a musical journey through genres and decades and themes put on by an expert and connoisseur of the art.
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Every Wednesday evening at 20:00 CET A Bearded Swede bids all welcome to a movie in the western/frontier genre.
So load your guns and make sure the cattle’s safe for the night and settle in for the vices and virtues of yesteryear.
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Animation, action and adventure and the likes from host Marqtosis as steer the crowd through the best of what the world has to offer in the genres. Usually two features.
It’s every Thursday at 6 pm GMT.
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Every Friday night from 22:00 CEST (UTC+1) we fire up the projector for two, not one but two horror movies for you to enjoy with good people and friendly banter.
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Wearing his proverbial bell bottoms and a mustache that would make Burt Reynolds cower, Steve Zee (the O.G. Ocean Respecter) takes his audience on a tour de force of movies from the 70s. From war and mayhem to thrills and the avantgarde. Each Saturday represents a new year.
As his unique twist, Steve invites you to help decide which movie to screen as he opens a poll 30 minutes before show start!
Saturdays at 8 pm GMT but be there at 7:30 to make your voice heard!
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Better than mainstream media, more honest than children and louder than Alex Jones!
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It’s not really about boobs but wholesome TV shows. Hosted by the one and only Patryn!
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