Spooky Movie Night Europa

In a time before time, when Mankind still lived in fear of the world outside the cave, one man took charge, one man rose beyond his peers and created a tradition that has spread comfort and coziness throughout the world for countless generations.
That man’s name was…. Well, we don’t really know so he’s just called Spooky.

Through the cruel nature of Fate, time zones and possibly the Shriners, Europeans were brutally withheld this blessing! And it made them so aggravated it got in the way of making world famous pastry, wine and chocolates. Heerings crowded our oceans, the fisherman too depressed to even fish!
Something had to be done!
And so we did.
You had hoped for a more dramatic ending, right?

Besides the movies there’s a live chat where good people engage in lively banter and fun debate about the movies being shown.
It’s a different kind of interaction.