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105: Special: Caroline Munro, “the First Lady of Fantasy”

Super 70s Saturday returns for a very special New Years Eve episode, featuring the first Lady of Fantasy, Caroline Munro in “the Golden Voyages of Sinbad”[73], “Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter”[74], and “Starcrash”[78]. Show begins at 2:30pm EST on CBN.

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104: Special: ForestDave Presents “Doug McClure”

6/4 No Official Show

103. Special: Quiet Frog Boy’s Picks

102. Special: HellsingAnglo’s Presents ‘Hammer Horror’

101. 2 Year Anniversary Special: Audience Favorites

100. Special: Roger Moore 007

4/30 No official Show,

99. 1979: Destination->Future

98. 1978: Spacemen

97. 1977: War! 2

96. 1976: Grow Up 2

95. 1975: Oscars

94. 1974: Matinee

93. 1973: Legends

92. 1972: Classic Hollywood

91. 1971: Bad Company

90. 1970: Satire

1970 should go down in history as the most outlandish year in film. Some of the weirdest, most subversive, and most degenerate movies ever made either came out this year or were made in reference to a movie from this year. In SSS ep. 90 we navigated through the mess to bring you 4 of the most eccentric and entertaining Satire films of the year, with two films by Robert Altman: a bizarre film about a boy who wants to be a bird, Brewster McCloud, and the wartime comedy classic, M*A*S*H; the german precurser to Running Man, the Millions Game; and Russ Meyers of Super Vixens and Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill! fame, with Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

89. 1979: Soviet Russia

In Soviet Russia, Television watches us! In SSS, ep.89 – 1979: Soviet Russia, we celebrate the new cold war by going back to the exploding Russian Film industry of 1979 with two made for TV movies, the Very Same Munchausen and Sherlock Homes & Doctor Watson pt. 1 & 2; the true to life Autumn Marathon; and Andrei Tarkovsky’s post-apocalyptic classic, Stalker.

88. 1978: Crime III

1978 might have been the year escapism movies became popular again, but that didn’t stop the boys from cranking out one last round of sleeper, neo-noir Crime classics. In SSS Ep. 88, we feature Ryan O’neal’s last great leading role in the Driver; Harvey Keitel at his most deranged in Fingers; Dustin Hoffman in Gene Siskel’s favorite underdog of the 1970s, Straight Time; and Elliot Gould’s last great leading role in Silent Partner.
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87. 1977: On the Road Again

Our first ever theme of SSS was CARS. Now in SSS, ep. 87, On the Road Again, it’s time once again to start your engines only this time, any wheels will do, featuring Roy Sheider and the director of the French Connection and the Exorcist, William Friedkin, in the underrated remake of the Wages of Fear, Sorcerer; Clint Eastwood in the Gauntlet; the return of SSS Favorite, Franco Nero, in Hitch-Hike; and finally, Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields in Smokey and the Bandit.

86. 1976: Thriller

Classic suspense movies became more action oriented in the late 60s and early 70s, giving way to the now classic thrillers. In SSS, ep. 86, we pay homage to 4 of these movies from 1976: Clint Eastwood’s third outing as Dirty Harry in the Enforcer; an early John Carpenter classic, Assault on Precinct 13; Dustin Hoffman’s deadly race against German National Socialists in Marathon Man; and the new kid at school’s not so warm welcome in Massacre at Central High.

85. 1975: Epic II

With our second Epic theme we present one of our strongest lineups to date, SSS ep.85, with four sweeping masterpieces of 1975: Robert Altman’s classic, Nashville; Akira Kurasawa’s Russian adventure, Dersu Uzala; Andrzej Wajda’s portrait of the Industrial Revolution in Poland, the Promised Land; and Stanley Kubrick’s wartime epic, Barry Lyndon.

84. 1974: Conspiracy II

I know. They know that I know. I know that they know that I know. But they don’t know that I know that they know that I know. SSS, ep. 84 is the return of the Conspiracy movies of 1974, featuring the Conversation, le Secret, the Parallax View, and the Odessa File.

Christmas Day

83. 1973: Assassins

For SSS, Ep. 83 – 1973: Assassins, we’ve got four thrillers about characters with a very special set of skills, featuring: Burt Lancaster in Executive Action; the grindhouse adaptation of the Japanese Manga, Lady Snowblood; George C. Scott unwittingly trains a dolphin to kill the president in the Day of the Dolphin; and the classic political thriller, the Day of the Jackal.

82. 1972: New Hollywood II

New Hollywood continued to dominate well into the mid 70s with some of the most popular films featuring the new talents like Jack Nicholson, Gene Hackman, Sissy Spacek, and Ellen Burstyn, as well as familiar faces like Paul Newman and Lee Marvin. In SSS ep. 82 – 1972: New Hollywood II, we feature the triple threats of Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, and Sissy Spacek in Prime Cut; Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, and Ellen Burstyn in the King of Marvin Gardens; as well as Paul Newman’s directorial debut in the Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-on-the-Moon Marigolds, and Cybill Shephard’s return in the Heartbreak Kid.

81. 1971: New Hollywood

Inspired by French New Wave, in the late 60’s American directors like Mike Nichols, with “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” and “the Graduate”; John Cassavetes, with “Faces” and Arthur Penn, with “Bonnie and Clyde”, took advantage of industry uncertainty and began challenging audiences expectations with a new approach to film-making. By the early 70’s the style was called New Hollywood, and it came to define the era for many. In episode 81 of SSS we give credit to four of these films, with veteran Mike Nichol’s Carnal Knowledge; Peter Bogdonavich’s classic, the Last Picture Show; a very young Al Pacino in the heart-rending Panic in Needle Park; and Clint Eastwood at his most unsettling in the Beguiled.8

80. 1970: Dysfunctional

A common theme in the 60s and 70s movies was Dysfunctional Relationships, an unfortunate consequence of the sexual revolution and social programming. Filmmakers found hundreds of ways to unravel relationships, with their creative peak happening in 1970. In ep. 80 of SSS we analyze the year’s most common theme, behind only war and hippies, with the Honeymoon Killers, Husbands, Wanda, and Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?

– Season 7 –

79. Special: Animation III – Signor Rossi

Mr. Rossi, much like the title characters of popular Italian comedies of the 70’s, like Fantozzi and Un Borghese Piccolo Piccolo, represents the common working man: good natured, but tragically average. His cartoon began as a series of shorts, then episodes, and ultimately, three feature length films: Mr. Rossi Looks for Happiness [76], Mr. Rossi’s Dreams [77], and Mr. Rossi’s Vacation [78]. In SSS, ep. 79. We close out Spaghetti Season with our 3rd ever animation special to play all three, with selected shorts, an episodes of the Fantastic Adventures of Mr. Rossi.

78. Special: Frederico Fellini

Its hard to imagine a short list of the greatest directors of all time without Frederico Fellini. Before SSS Spaghetti Season comes to a close, we take a look at 4 of the master’s later classics from the 70s: Roma [72], Amarcord [73], Il Casanova [76], and Orchestra Rehearsal [78].

77. Special: Macaroni Combat

One of the lesser appreciated genres from Italy in the 60s and 70s was Macaroni Combat, which took cues from classic American style war movies, but often combined them with gruesome exploitation. In SSS, ep. 77, we near the ending of spaghetti season with four such films: the brutal ww1 classic, Many Wars Ago [78]; the often overlooked original version of the Inglorious Bastards [78]; Rock Hudson’s Italian-American co-production of Hornet’s Nest [70], and to mix things, we cheat a little bit with a late Vietnam war film, the Last Hunter [80].

76. Special: Gialloween

SSS Spaghetti Season presents our Gialloween Special, with four Italian giallo classics, featuring the first true slasher, A Bay of Blood; the end of innocence in the folk-horror classic, Don’t Torture a Duckling; the grindhouse gore-fest, Torso; and the acclaimed psychological-horror, Short Night of Glass Dolls.

75. Special Dario Argento

In 1977, Italian Director Dario Argento crossed over to international fame with a string of hugely popular proto-slasher giallo films starting with eye popping, Suspiria. But prior to that, he’d already made a name for himself among giallo fans with half a dozen films. In SSS ep. 75, we continue Spaghetti Season with 4 early Argento Giallo Horror cult-classics: the Bird with the Crystal Plumage [70], the Cat o’ Nine Tails [71], Four Flies on Grey Velvet [71], and Deep Red [75].

74. 1979: Italian Horror II

Whats twice as scary as an SSS-“SS” episode of Italian Horror? Two SSS-“SS” episodes of Italian Horror! In ep. 74 – 1979: Italian Horror 2, we’re featuring four more terrifying tales: the supernatural giallo bloodbath of mBeyond Darkness; the cult classic sequel to the Italian release of Zombi [Dawn of the Dead], Zombi 2 [Zombie or Zombie Death Eaters]; the throwback monster movie, Screamers; and the return of the evil alien child in the Visitor.

73. 1978: Italian Horror

The third major phase of popular 70s Italian cinema was Horror, with supernatural, zombie, cannibal, and most notably, giallo, a style of murder-mystery that influenced the Hollywood slasher. In SSS-SS ep. 73, 1978: Italian Horror, we deliver four very different movies: George Romeros wildly popular Italian/American joint production, released in Italy as the first movie in the Zombi series, but in North America as the sequel to Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead; also a slight cheat, a film from the previous year responsible for starting the “cannibal boom”, Jungle Holocaust; and two of the best giallo films of the year, the Bloodstained Shadow and Hotel Fear.

73. 1977: Kino

The second half of the 70s marked the oversaturation and declining popularity of Italian action films, and a greater focus on horror, sex comedies, and exploitation films. But with the exception of a few popular horror titles, it was the steady stream of art house films that carried Italian cinema into the next decade. In SSS, ep. 72 – 1977: Kino, we look at four of these, with Director, Mario Monicelli and Actor, Alberto Sordi’s jaw-dropping satire, An Average Little Man; the nihilistic family drama of Father and Master, the comedic period drama of In the Name of the Pope King, and Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni’s ww2 romance in A Special Day.

71. 1976: Epic

Bernardo Bertolluci is one of the most infamous and divisive Italian directors of all time and the mastermind behind the epic, Novecento[1900]. In episode 71 of SSS, we continue Spaghetti Season by showing part 1 and 2 of the film in it’s entirety. So order the pidser, and clear your schedule, because we’ve got a lot of story to tell.

70. 1975: Commedia all’Italiana

1975 was home to some of the biggest Italian comedies of the decade. In SSS, ep. 701975: Commedia all’Italiana, we continue Spaghetti Season with four of these films, featuring the classic ww2 black comedy, Seven Beauties; two of the most famous Italian comedies of all time, My Friends and White Collar Blues [Fantozzi]; and the genre-bending, giallo black comedy, the Suspicious Death of a Monor.

69. 1974: Poliziotteschi III

By 1974, Italian cinema was exploding in popularity as Poliziotteschi continued to be the primary export. In episode 69 we continue Spaghetti Season with one more week of police-procedural action movies, featuring: Henry Silva’s return in Death Dealer [Almost Human] and Cry of the Prostitute; the Giallo crossover hit, What Have They Done to Your Daughters?; and Franco Nero’s return in Street Law.

68: 1973: Poliziotteschi II

Spaghetti Season continues into 1973 with our second installment of Poliziotteschi, featuring French “Polar Film” Actor, Alain Delon in the hit, “No Way Out” [Big Guns]; Sergio Sellimo’s popular follow-up to “Violent City”, “Blood in the Streets” [Revolver]; SSS favorite, Frank Nero returns in “High Crime“; and Henry Silva stars in the acclaimed final part of Di Leo’s “Mileau Trilogy”, “the Boss“.

67. 1972: Poliziotteschi

With the international success of the French Connection in 1971, Italian directors began to pivot action movies from westerns to police procedurals and helped establish the 1970s as the decade of car chases, bank robberies, and gang shootouts. In ep. 67, we’re featuring 4 Poliziotteschi movies from 1972: Caliber 9, the Sicilian Connection, the Italian Connection, and the Execution Squad.

66. 1971: Spaghetti Westerns II

What’s better than one plate of Spaghetti? In ep. 661971, we’re dishing up a Second plate of Spaghetti Westerns, featuring Ringo Starr’s western exploitation hit, Blindman, James Coburn starring in Serge Leone’s final Western Masterpiece, Duck, You Sucker! [A Fistful of Dynamite], the cult classic that inspired Tarrantino, Cut Throats Nine, and the return of Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer in Trinity is Still My Name.

65. 1970: Spaghetti Westerns

By 1970, Sergio Leone had already made 4 out 5 of his Spaghetti Western classics, and the genre was soon to be replaced by the popular Polizioteschi movies of the 70s, but not before Italian Directors cranked out a dozen or so more cowboy thrillers. In SSS, ep 65, we’re featuring the Zapata classic, Compañeros; Klaus Kinski of Herzog fame in And God Said to Cain…; one of the most popular in the Sartana series, Light the Fuse… Sartana is Coming; and cult favorite, They Call Me Trinity.

– Season 6 –

64. Special: King Hu

In 2000, audiences worldwide were captivated by “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, a movie that featured flying warriors of ancient China amidst stunning art and set design with breathtaking cinematography. The style and fight choreography seemed other worldly, and sparked a series of big budget copies. But was the movie really that unique? In episode 64, we look at 4 movies by Chinese director, King Hu and his contribution to what became known as the “Wuxia” film, 30 years before Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, with A Touch of Zen [71], the Fate of Lee Khan [73], Raining in the Mountain [79], and Legend of the Mountain [79].

63. Special: Mockumentaries

Before District 9, the Blair Witch Project, and This is Spinal Tap, filmmakers in the 70s first discovered that documentaries could be used to tell any story they wanted. In ep. 63, we look at four of the first Mockumentaries: a nature documentary about insects taking over the world, the Hellstrom Chronicles [71]; the first reality show, Real Life [79]; a police response to a growing threat of communist subversives, Punishment Park [70]; and biopic about the world’s most famous band, the Rutles: All You Need is Cash [78].

62. Special: Documentaries

1970s was the decade movies really began to leave the studio lot. Before Citizenfour, the Cove, Hoop Dreams, and the thin Blue Line, rogue filmmakers in the 1970s were experimenting with direct film, cinema verite, and Documentaries. In SSS, ep 62 we’re featuring 4 of the movies that helped establish it as a genre: Orson Welle’s classic art film, F for Fake [72]; the heavily praised Vietnam war film, Hearts and Minds [74]; the movie that made Arnold Schwartzenegger a household name, Pumping Iron [77]; and the Oscar winning coverage of the Brookside Coalminer’s Strike, Harlan County, USA [76].

61. Special: Werner Herzog

From documentaries to opera, Werner Herzog‘s 50 year career began in the 1970s as a pioneer of New German Cinema. His films often study tragic characters with impossible dreams, people living on the fringe of society with remarkable talents, and conflicts between man and nature. In episode 61 of SSS, we feature a Special look at four of his films: the Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, Agguire: the Wrath of God, Stroszek, and Nosferatu: the Vampyre.

60. Special: Animation II – Disney

In the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s Disney pivoted to using anthropomorphic title characters in their signature animated features, having only 2 films led by human characters in 30 years; the 1970s, in particular, being the only decade with no human title characters. In our second Animation Special, we are showcasing all four 1970s Disney animated features: the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh [77], Robin Hood [73], the Aristocats [70], and the Rescuers [77].

59. Special: Godzilla!!

Toho has produced over 30 Godzilla films and a dozen other giant monster films. In episode 59 of SSS we feature an all Toho lineup with four of the King of the Monsters final battles of the 70s, before the dawning of the Era of Gamera: Godzilla vs. Hedorah [71], Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla [74], Godzilla vs. Gigan [72], and Godzilla vs. Megalon [73].

59. Special: Sci Fi

1970s Sci Fi took on a more serious tone than it had in previous decades, amplifying the reactionary attitudes toward a burgeoning global technocracy. In SSS, ep. 58: Technocracy, featuring Logan’s Run [76], Colossus: the Forbin Project [70], Silent Running [72], and the Man Who Fell to Earth [76].

57. Special: Fight Night

They cannot hit what they cannot see; float like butterfly; sting like a bee. It’s SSS, ep – 57: Fight Night, featuring four 70s boxing classics: Stacy Keach plays a has been, hedging his bets on a young up and comer played by Jeff Bridges in Fat City, Charles Bronson stars as the bareknuckle brawler in Hard Times, and the Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa, squares off against Apollo Creed, not once, but twice in Stallone’s Rocky and Rocky II.

56. Special: Michael Crichton

From Westworld to Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton’s 40 year career, 25 novels, 14 film adaptations, 7 director credits, 7 screenwriting credits, and 1 emmy, proved he was the king of Bio-tech Thrillers. In our next SSS Special, we feature 4 movies about the dangers of medical malpractice, virology, and transhumanism, with George Segal starring in the Terminal Man [74], Michael Douglas in Coma [78], James Coburn in the Carey Treatment [72], and Crichton’s first novel and hit adaptation, the Andromeda Strain [71]. Those unable to attend must present a note from their doctor.

55. Special: Disaster II

The hand of God, or nature’s wrath; whatever it may be, it’s come for us all in the SSS second installment of 1970s Disaster films: a rapidly spreading parasite threatens to destroy all of the worlds vegetation in “No Blade of Grass“, Charleton Heston and the population of Los Angeles is rattled to it’s core in “Earthquake“, Sean Connery and Natalie Wood star in the US/Soviet joint response to the threat of a giant “Meteor“, and finally George A. Romero’s global pandemic thriller, “the Crazies“.

54. Special: Disaster

Featuring four movies with the worst case scenarios in human error, where the more actors pictured on the poster, the bigger the thrills: the Hindenburg [75], the Towering Inferno [74], the Poseidon Adventure [72], and Rollercoaster[77].

53. Special: Sports Night

We came to play! SSS, ep.53 – Special: Sports Night, featuring four movies about moving the ball forward, with Steve Mcqueen in Le Mans [71]; Paul Newman in Slap Shot [77]; the coming of age classic, Breaking Away [79]; and Nick Nolte in North Dallas Forty [79].

– Season 5 –

52. Special: Steve’s Picks

In a startling display of heroism, Steve Zee reclaimed control of his ship from Empy and her mutinous crew, and brought with him four of his favorite movies that were overlooked in past votes, likely due to election fraud, including SSS favorite, Warren Oates in Sam Peckenpah’s “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia“; the underrated French vigilante film, “La Horse“; another SSS favorite, Ben Gazzara in Roger Corman and Peter Bogdonavich’s “Saint Jack“; and finally, Robert Altman’s take on the classic Phillip Marlowe mystery, “the Long Goodbye“.

Watched: All Movies

51. Special: Empy’s Picks

In a death defying victory, EmpyRadio stunned the competition in our SSS: 50th Episode Contest, with honorable 2nd and 3rd place finishes to MrsChubbs and LarpingBoon, and so as promised, episode 51 will be entirely Empy’s Picks, featuring the return of David Lynche’s Eraserhead, Julie Christie in Demon Seed, John Huston in the Visitor, and Richard Burton in the Medusa Touch.

Watched: the Visitor, the Medusa Touch, Demon Seed

50. 50th Episode Special: Salute to Sam Peckinpah

From “the Wild Bunch” to “Cross of Iron”, ‘Bloody’ Sam Peckinpah was as praised as he was maligned for his gruesome depictions of violence. In our Super 70s Saturday 50th episode Special, we pay homage to the most infamous director of his time, with the return of the Getaway, starring Steve Mcqueen and Ally Mcgraw; SSS favorite, Warren Oates in Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia; Kris Kristoferson and Ernest Borgnine facing off in Convoy; and Jason Robard’s masterclass on desert homesteading in the Ballad of Cable Hogue.

Some- times there’s a man–I won’t say a hee-ro, ’cause what’s a hee-ro?–but sometimes there’s a man.. In SSS, ep. 49 – 1979: the Man of the Hour, we’ve got four movies about a man who, well, he’s the man for his time’n place, featuring SSS favorite, Ben Gazarra in Roger Corman and Peter Bogdonavich’s far eastern epic, Saint Jack; Peter Sellers in his final oscar-nominated performance in Being There, Rober Duvall as the legendary family patriarch in the Great Santini, and the runaway Russian TV classic, the Very Same Munchhausen.

48. 1978: the Heist

Everybody be cool, this is a robbery! Featuring 4 all star movies about hi-jinx and hi-fi: three SSS favorites, Peter Falk, Warren Oates, and Gena Rowlands team up in the Brink’s Job, Dustin Hoffman and Harry Dean Stanton in Straight Time, Harvey Keitel and Richard Pryor in Blue Collar, and Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland in the First Great Train Robbery.

Watched: the Brink’s job, the Great Train Robbery

Overture, light the lights. This is it! The night of nights. It’s Showtime, featuring Anne Bancroft and Shirley Mcclain in the Turning Point; Gena Rowlands and Ben Gazarra’s return in the Cassavetes classic, Opening Night; the hugely popular, Saturday Night Fever; and Scorsese’s only musical, New York, New York.

47: 1977: Showtime

Watched: Saturday Night Fever, Opening Night
Snubbed: the Turning Point, New York New York

46. 1976: Grow Up

1976 was the year culture makers looked around and, in surprise and horror, realized that the boomers had grown up, and there was a new generation of kids, known simple as “X”, that had gone completely unnoticed. They knew they had to act quickly to make up for lost time, but given that the damage had already been done, movie producers were called for a quick fix. The result was a wave of “they grow up so fast these days, don’t they?” comedies, and “kids are literally the devil” (and throwing in a few curve balls, like “girls plays sports, now” for good measure). In ep. 46, we feature 4 movies from the first group: Disney’s Freaky Friday; Australia’s answer to Kes, Storm Boy; the foul mouthed sports comedy, the Bad News Bears, and French New Wave founder, François Truffaut’s Small Change.

Watched: the Bad News Bears, Storm Boy
Snubbed: Freaky Friday, Small Change

45. 1975: Mystery II

Featuring Dario Argento’s Deep Red; the enigmatic Australian classic, Picnic at Hanging Rock; Rober Mitchum returning in the film adaptation of the noir classic, Farewell, My Lovely; and Arthur Penn’s assembling of Gene Hackman with a very young Melanie Griffith and James Woods in Night Moves.

Watched: Picnic at Hanging Rock, Night Moves
Snubbed: Deep Red, Farewell, My Lovely

44. 1974: /feels

Featuring Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore; Cassavetes/Rowlands’ magnum opus, A Woman Under the Influence; one obligatory Fassbinder melodrama, Martha; and the Italian classic, We All Loved Each Other So Much.

Watched: Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, A Woman Under the Influence, We All Loved Each Other So Much
Snubbed: Martha

43. 1973: Cops & Robbers

Featuring the anti-Easy Rider, Electra Glide in Blue; Robert Mitchum’s neo-noir, the Friends of Eddie Coyle; Walter Matthau in one of his many underrated action movie roles in Charley Varrick; and SSS favorite, Warren Oates in the heist-film bio-pic, Dillinger.

Watched: Electra Glide in Blue, the Friends of Eddie Coyle
Snubbed: Charley Varrick, Dillinger

42. 1972: Bad Moon Rises

There’s a bad moon on the rise, featuring: Slaughterhouse Five, Solaris, Conquest of the Battle of the Apes, and Elomea.

Watched: Solaris, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Snubbed: Slaughterhouse Five, Eolomea

41. 1971: You and Me, Baby

On the back of a winged horse; through the sky, pearly grey; love is leaf like; You and Me, Baby, featuring for movies about one man and one woman, coming together: Minnie & Moskowitz, Harold & Maude, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, and Nicholas & Alexandra.

Watched: Mccabe & Mrs. Miller, Harold & Maude
Snubbed: Minnie & Moskowitz, Nicholas & Alexandra

40. 1970: Far Out

It’s a whole new trip on, featuring: Joe, about a populist taking up arms to fight the hippies; Zabriskie Point about a couple hiding from the man in the desert and tripping out to Pink Floyd; Brian De Palma’s radical, Hi, Mom!, and Jodorowsky’s acid western classic, El Topo.

Watched: El Topo, Hi, Mom!, Joe
Snubbed: Zabriskie Point

– Season 4 –

39. Special: Al Pacino

Watched: Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon
Snubbed: Scarecrow, Panic in Needle Park

38. 1979: Youth in Revolt

Watched: Scum, the Warriors, Rock n’ Roll High School
Snubbed: Over the Edge

37. 1978: Ching Chong Fu!

Watched: All Movies

36. 1977: Insurrection!

Watched: Capricorn One, Black Sunday
Snubbed: Sleeping Dogs, Twilight’s Last Gleaming

35. 1976: Sunset Riders

Watched: the Outlaw Josey Wales, the Last Hard Men
Snubbed: the Shootist, the Missouri Breaks

34. 1975: Grindhouse

Watched: All Movies

33. Special: A Jim Henson Christmas

Watched: All Movies
Movies:Music, Commercials, Etc (Full Playlist) :
LYNN ANDERSON & Tennessee Ernie Ford – “LET IT SNOW”, “Oh Christmas Tree”, “Deck the Halls”, “O LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM” (Tennessee Ernie Ford Christmas Special, 1972)
the Carpenters Intro + “Jingle Bells” (Carpenters Christmas Portrait, 1977)
HBO Promo: Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas
Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas
John Cale – “Child’s Christmas in Wales” (CBN Original Video)
Johnny Cash – “Christmas can’t be far away” (Johnny Cash Christmas Special, 1979)
Disney Channel John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together Promo (December 1991)
A Christmas Together
Loretta Lynn – “Happy Birthday,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year” (TV Performance, 1971)
Gene Kelly – “Christmas in Killarney” (Carpenter’s Christmas Portrait, 1977)
The Band – “Christmas Must Be Tonight” (CBN Original Video)
Jim Henson’s The Christmas Toy Commercial Break 1 (1986)
the Christmas Toy
Johnny Cash, June Carter, Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge – Christmas times a coming (Johnny Cash Christmas Special, 1978)
Karen Carpenter & Georgia Engell – “Stille Nacht” (Carpenter’s Christmas Portrait, 1977)
Tammy Wynette – Oh Little Town of Bethlehem (CBN Original Video)
A Muppet Family Christmas promo
A Muppet Family Christmas
Tom Waits – Silent Night & Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis (TV Performance, 1978)
Glen Campbell – “There’s No Place Like Home” (The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour: Christmas Special, 20 Dec 1970)

32. 1974: Wanna Bet?

Watched: the Gambler, Cockfighter
Snubbed: California Split, the Longest Yard

31. 1973: A Mystery!

Watched: the Wicker Man, the Last of Sheila
Snubbed: the Long Goodbye, Don’t Look Now

30. 1972: Japs!

Watched: Lone Wolf & Cub pt. 1 & 2, Under the Flag of the Rising Sun
Snubbed: Female Convict: Scorpion pt. 1 & 2, Street Mobster

29. 1971: Fighting Back

Watched: Dirty Harry, Klute
Snubbed: Straw Dogs, Get Carter
Movies:Music, Commercials, etc:
Pink Floyd – “Echoes” (Live at Pompeii)
The Byrds w/ Earl Scruggs – “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” (Earl Scruggs: OldTime Music at It’s Greatest)
The Doors – “Love Her Madly” (Fan Compilation Video)
David Bowie – “Life on Mars?” (Fan Video – 2001: A Space Odyssey Mashup)
Dirty Harry
Coca-Cola – “I’d Like to Buy the world a Coke” (Commercial)
Three Dog Night w/ Glen Campbell – “Joy to the World” (Glen Campbell Show)
Harry Nilsson – “Coconut” (Promo Video)
Heino – “Mohikana Shalali” (German Music Channel)
Yes – “I’ve Seen All Good People (Pt. 2: All Good People)” (Beat-Club)
Caravan – “Golf Girl” (Promo Video)
Faces – “Stay With Me” (TV Performance)

28. 1970: Viva La France

Watched: the Confession, the Red Circle Snubbed: La Horse, the Things of Life
MoviesMusic, etc.
Titanic – “Sultana” (Top of the Pops)
Michel Polnareff – “Gloria” (TV Performance)
Joe Dassin – “Billy le Bordelais” (Archive INA)
Christophe – “The Girl From Salina Theme” (Movie Excerpt)
Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin – “Elisa Avec” (Promo Video)
Michel Sardou – “Les Bals Populaires” (Promo Video)
Brigitte Bardot – “Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas?” (Fan Video)
Joe Dassin – “Aux Champs Elysees” (Promo Video)
Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin – “Je T’aime Moi Non Plus” (Promo Video)
L’aveu (The Confession)
France Gall – “Homme Tout Petit” (Promo Video)
Françoise Hardy – Le Crabe (Promo Video)
Jany L. – “Herald Tribune” (Promo Video)
Jacques Dutronc – “A La Vie, à L’amour” (Promo Video)
Antoine – “Ra Ta Ta” (Promo Video)
France Gall – “Les éléphants” (Promo Video)
Françoise Hardy – “Je Fais Des Puzzles” (Promo Video)
Jocelyne Dorian – “Mon Chien a Du Flair” (Promo Video)
France Gall – Les Années folles (Promo Video)
Le Cercle Rouge (the Red Circle)
France Gall – “La Manille et la Révolution” (Les Annes Folles Promo Video)
France Gall – “Les Annes Folles” (Les Annes Folles Promo Video)
Magma – “Pop2” (TV Performance)

– Season 3 –

27. Decade End Special #41969: Before Sunrise

Watched: Easy Rider, Kes, They Shoot Horses, Don’t they?
Snubbed: Midnight Cowboy
Movies:Music, Commercials, Etc:
the Velvet Underground – “I’m Beginning to See the Light” (Live at Dallas Peace Day)
the Stooges – “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (Fan Video)
Bob Dylan – “the Mighty Quinn” (Live at Isle of Wight)
the Rolling Stones – “Country Honk”(Demo, Keith Richards Compilation Video)
the Flying Burrito Brothers – “Hot Burrito #1” (TV Performance)
Crosby, Stills, and Nash – “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” (Woodstock Compilation Video)
Easy Rider
the Moody Blues – “Ride My See-Saw” (Tom Jones Show)
Spirit – “I Got a Line on You” (Promo Video)
Thunderclap Newman – “Something in the Air” (Promo Video)
Canned Heat – “Going Up the Country” (Woodstock Compilation Video)
Jefferson Airplane – “Volunteers” (Live at Woodstock)
Blind Faith – “Can’t Find My Way Home” (Live at Hyde Park)
the Rolling Stones – “Gimme Shelter” (Vietnam Compilation Video)
David Bowie – “Space Oddity” (Promo Video)
the Kinks – “Picture Book” (Julie Felix Show)
Leo Kotke – “Fisherman’s Blues” (Montreaux Jazz Festival)
Procol Harum – “A Salty Dog” (Beat Club Promo Video)
Fleetwood Mac – “Albatros” (Promo Video)
Dusty Springfield – “Son of a Preacher Man” (TV Performance)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Proud Mary” (TV Performance
They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
Glen Campbell & Flip Wilson – “Rocky Raccoon” (Glen Campbell Show)

26. Decade End Special #3: Sir Sean Connery

Watched: the Anderson Tapes, the Offence
Snubbed: The Molly Maguires, the Wind and the Lion
MoviesMusic, Commercials, etc:
Maurice Jarre – “The Kings March” from The Man Who Would Be King (Soundtrack)
Sean Connery & Janet Munroe – “Pretty Irish Girl” from Darby O’Gill and the Little People (Movie Clip)
“Sean Connery Epic Tribute” (Fan Compilation Video)
Carly Simon & Marvin Hamlisch – “Nobody Does It Better” (Promo Video)
the Anderson Tapes
Paul Mccartney & Wings – “Live & Let Die” (Promo Video)
Shirley Bassey – “Diamonds are Forever Theme” (Fan Compilation Video)
“Sean Connery Being Rude and Aggressive” – AP Interview 2004
“Sean Connery on Slapping Women” – Barbara Walters Interview 1987
Ionstar – “Zardoz” (Music Video)
“You Only Live Twice” – A Tribute to Sean Connery (Fan Compilation Video)
the Offence
Marvin Hamlisch – “Nobody Does It Better”, Live Solo performance (BBC)
Sean Connery & Janet Munroe – “Pretty Irish Girl” from Darby O’Gill and the Little People (Movie Clip)

25. Decade End Special #2: Halloween Spooktacular

Movies:Music, etc:
Alice Cooper – “Welcome to My Nightmare” (Official Video)
the Rattles – “the Witch” (Official Video)
Redbone – “the Witch Queen of New Orleans” (Live at the Beat Club)
Cliff Richard – “Devil Woman” (Official Video)
Black Sabbath – “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” (Extended Video)
Bauhaus – “Bela Legosi’s Dead” (Live on Riverside)
Talking Heads – “Psycho Killer” (TV Performance)
Joy Division – “She’s Lost Control” (Live at Something Else Show)
the Misfits – “Night of the Living Dead” (Fan Video)
the Cramps – “Human Fly” (Live Set from Urgh!)
the B52’s – “Planet Claire” (Official Video)
the Rezillos – “Flying Saucer Attack” (TV Performance)
Edgar Winter Group – “Frankenstein” (TV Performance)
It’s Alive
Santana – “Black Magic Woman” (Live at Tanglewood)

24. Decade End Special #1, 1980: After Sunset

Watched: Raging Bull, the Shining
Snubbed: Out of the Blue, the Long Good Friday
Christopher Cross – “Sailing” (TV Performance)
Benny Mardones – “Into the Night” (Official Video)
Robbie Dupree – “Steal Away” (TV Performance)
Hall and Oates – “You Make My Dreams Come True” (Official Video)
SCTV – “A Tribute to the Greatest Backing Vocalist of All Time” (Comedy Sketch)
Daniel Johnston – “Grievances” (Fan Video)
Joy Division – “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Official Video)
Raging Bull
Talking Heads – “Once in a Lifetime” (Official Video)
the B52s – “Own Private Idaho” (TV Performance)
Adam & the Ants – “Kings of the Wild Frontier” (Official Video)
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark – “Enola Gay” (Official Video)
the Cure – “A Forest” (Top of the Pops)
the Vapors – “Turning Japanese” (Top of the Pops)
Devo – “Gates of Steel” (Live on Fridays)
Zounds – “Can’t Cheat Karma” (Fan Video)
Motorhead – “Ace of Spade” (TV Performance)
Bad Brains – “Pay to Cum” (Live at CBGB)
Stiff Little Fingers – “Alternative Ulster” (Rockpalast)
the Shining
Dead Kennedys – “Holiday in Cambodia” (Official Video)
Fear – “Let’s Start a War” (Decline of Western Civilization)
Circle Jerks – “Wild in the Streets” (New Wave Theater)
Black Sabbath – “Neon Knights” (Fan Video?)

23. 1979: Lights, Camera, Action!!

Watched: the Muppet Movie, Camera Buff
Snubbed: Real Life, All That Jazz
Judy Collins – “Send in the Clowns” (Live at Capital Theater)
Joe Jackson – “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” (Live at Hatfield Polytechnic)
the Beat(US) – “Rock n Roll Girl” (American Bandstand)
Rupert Holmes – “Escape (Pina Colada Song)” (Top of the Pops)
Kenny Loggins – “This is It” (Official Video)
the Muppet Movie
Lipps, Inc – “Funky Town” (Official Video)
M – “Pop Musik” (Official Video)
XTC – “Making Plans for Nigel” (Official Video)
Simple Minds – “Factory” (Live in New York City)
Gang of Four – “Damaged Goods” (Official Video)
Camera Buff
Neil Young – “Hey Hey, My My (Out of the Blue)” (Live Rust)

22. 1978: Rock n Roll is Here to Stay! !

Watched: Grease, the Buddy Holly Story
Snubbed: Stunt Rock, the Rutles: All You Need is Cash
Movies:Music, etc:
Bob Seger – “Old Time Rock n Roll” (Live in San Diego)
John Cougar Melloncamp – “I Need a Lover” (Top of the Pops)
Cheap Trick – “Surrender” (Live in Budokan)
Queen – “Fat Bottomed Girls” (Official Video)
the Blues Brothers – “Soul Man” (SNL)
ACϟDC – “Fling Thing/Rocker” (Live at Glasgow Apollo)
Van Halen Interterview (London)
Van Halen – “Eruption” (Live in Fresno)
Van Halen – “Running With the Devil” (Official Video)
the Buddy Holly Story
Judas Priest – “Rock Forever” (TV Performance)

21. 1977: Misfits

Watched: the American Friend, Rolling Thunder Snubbed: Martin, Stroszek
Andy Gibb – “I Just Want to Be Your Everything” (Midnight Special)
Fleetwood Mac – “Don’t Stop” (Official Video)
Earth Wind & Fire – “Fantasy” (Fan Video)
David Bowie – “Sound & Vision” (Top of the Pops)
Randy Newman – “Short People” (Official Video)
The American Friend
Sex Pistols – “Holidays in the Sun” (Official Video)
the Jam – “In the City” (Top of the Pops)
Ramones – “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” (Official Video)
the Runaways – “School Days” (Top of the Pops)
Generation X – “Kiss Me Deadly” (Fan Video)
Rolling Thunder
Kansas – “Dust in the Wind” (Official Video)

20. 1976: City Lights

Watched: the Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Rocky
Snubbed: Mikey and Nicky, Next Stop, Greenwich Village
Movies:Music, etc:
David Soul – “Don’t Give Up On Us, Baby” (Official Video)
Orleans – “Still the One” (Hits a GoGo)
England Dan and John Ford Coley – “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” (Midnight Special)
Electric Light Orchestra – “Strange Magic” (Midnight Special)
Boz Skaggs – “Lowdown” (Saturday Night Live)
Maynard Ferguson – “Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme)” (Live at Meadowbrook)
Starlight Vocal Band – “Afternoon Delight” (Promo Video)
the Killing of a Chinese Bookie
Boston – “Peace of Mind” (Fan Video)
Thin Lizzy – “the Boys are Back in Town” (TV Performance)
ACϟDC – “Problem Child” (Live at Festival Hall)
Patti Smith – “We’re Going to Have a Real Good Time” (Live in Stockholm)
Eddie and the Hot Rods – “Get Out of Denver” (Top of the Pops)
the Damned – “New Rose” (Official Video)
Wishbone Ash – the King Will Come (Live at Winterland)

19. Ep.19: 1975: Action!!

Watched: Three Days of the Condor, the Man from Hong Kong
Snubbed: the Killer Elite, the French Connection II
Movies:Music, etc:
Bad Company – “Feel Like Makin Love” (Official Video)
Genesis – “the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” (Live from Shrine Auditorium)
BeBop Deluxe – “Maid in Heaven” (Top of the Pops)
Rush – “Fly By Night” (Official Video)
Abba – “S.O.S.” (Official Video)
Three Days of the Condor
(New Media) Yacht Rock – “8: Gino (the Manager)”
America – “Sister Gold Hair” (Unofficial Video)
Peter Frampton – “Show Me the Way” (Midnight Special)
Steeleye Span – “All Around My Hat” (Official Video)
Billy Joe Spears – “Blanket on the Ground” (Music Shop)
the Man From Hong Kong
Queen – “You’re My Best Friend” (Official Video)

18. 1974: Conspiracy Theory

Watched: Zardoz, Chinatown
Snubbed: the Parallax View, the Conversation
Movies:Music, etc:
Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs (Top of the Pops)
Elvin Bishop – Fooled Around and Fell in Love (Midnight Special)
Elis Regina & Tom Jobim – “Aguas de Março” (Official Video)
Electric Light Orchestra – “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” (Top of the Pops)
Pilot – “Magic” (Top of the Pops)
Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Sweet Home Alabama” (Unlicensed Video)
Willie Nelson – “Whiskey River” (Live: Austin City Limits)
Bonnie Raitt – “Angel from Montgomery” (Live: Wonderland)
the Doobie Brothers – “Black Water” (Official Video)
Judas Priest – “Rocka Rolla” (BBC)

17. 1973: Destination->;FUTURE

Watched: Soylent Green, Westworld, Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Snubbed: World on a Wire
Movies:Music, etc:
Chicago – “Medley – Saturday in the Park/Does Anybody Really Know what Time it is”
Marshall Tucker Band – “Can’t You See”
Steely Dan – “Do It Again”
Pink Floyd – “Making of – Us and Them” (from “Live at Pompeii”)
Soylent Green
(Ad) United Airlines – “Mother Country”
Slade – “Cum On Feel the Noize”
Mott the Hoople – “Honaloochie Boogie”
Rick Derringer – “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo”
Albert Hammond – “It Never Rains in Southern California”
Waylon Jennings – “Lonesome On’ry and Mean”
Joe Walsh – “Rocky Mountain Way”
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Led Zeppelin – “Over the Hills and Far Away”

16. 1972: Man Vs Nature

Watched: Agguire: the Wrath of God, Jeremiah Johnson, Silent Running
Snubbed: Deliverence
Yes – “Roundabout”
David Bowie – “Five Years”
Big Star – “Thirteen”
Agguire: the Wrath of God
Rolling stones – “Rocks Off”
Deep Purple – “Highway Star”
Captain Beyond – “Dancing Madly Backwards”
Todd Rundgren – “I Saw the Light”
T. Rex – “Bang a Gong (Get It On)” (request)
King Crimson – “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic” (request)
Jeremiah Johnson
Townes Van Zandt – “Pancho and Lefty”
Seals and Croft – “Summer Breeze”
Silent Running
the Hollies – “the Air that I Breathe”

15. 1971: Dystopia

Watched: THX-1138, Escape from the Planet of the Apes
Snubbed: Punishment Park, a Clockwork Orange
the Doors – “L.A. Woman”
Pink Floyd – “Fearless”
Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”
Rare Earth – “I Just Want to Celebrate”
Badfinger – “Day After Day”
Paul & Linda McCartney – “Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey”
the Who – “Won’t Get Fooled Again”
T. Rex – “Bang a Gong (Get It On)”
Escape from the Planet of the Apes
John Prine – “Sam Stone”

14. 1970: WAR!!

Watched: Catch-22, Patton
Snubbed: Many Wars Ago, M*A*S*H
Conway Twitty – “Hello Darling”
Grateful Dead – “Brokedown Palace”
James Taylor – “Fire and Rain”
Joni Mitchell – “Big Yellow Taxi”
George Harrison – “My Sweet Lord”
Crosby, Stills, Nash – “Woodstock”
the Kinks – Apeman
George Baker Selection – “Little Green Bag”
Edison Lighthouse – “Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)”
Simon & Garfunkel – “the Only Living Boy in New York
the Beach Boys – “All I Wanna Do”
the Carpenters – “Close to You”
Led Zeppelin – “Immigrant Song”
Jimi Hendrix – “Machine Gun”

– Season 2 –

13. Decade End Special #3: Based Italians

Watched: An Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (’70), Confessions of a Police Captain (’71), White Collar Blues (’75)
Snubbed: An Average Little Man (’77)
Movies:Music, etc:
(TV Spot) Thames Television – “Place in Europe: Historic Venice” (`75)
Rino Gaetano – “Agapito Malteni il Ferroviere” (`74)
Ennio Morricone – “Giu la Testa, Main Theme” (`71)
Fabrizio De Andre – “Crêuza de mä” (`79)
Le Orme – “Amico di Leri” (`76)
Osanna – “L’Uomo” (`71)
Mia Martini – “Minuetto” (`73)
Rino Gaetano – “A Mano A Mano” (`78)
An Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
Rino Gaetano – “Ma il cielo è sempre più” (`75)
I Santo California – “Tornerò” (`75)
Rafaella Carra – “A Far L’amore Comincia tu” (`78)
(TV Spot) Giorgio Moroder – “in the studio with Harold Faltermeyer, modular synthesizer, Moog” (`79)
Giorgio Moroder – “From Here to Eternity (`77)
Ennio Morricone – “Dance On” (`78)
Confessions of a Police Captain
Adriano Celentano – “Svalutation” (`76)
Umberto Tozzi – “Tu” (`78)
Pooh – “Pensiero” (`71)
Jose Feliciano – “Che Sara” (`71)
White Collar Blues
I Santo California – “Dolce Amore Mio” (`75)
Lucio Battisti – “Dieci Ragazze” (`70)

12. Decade End Special #2: Animation

Watched: Watership Down (’78), the Hobbit (’77), the Phantom Tollbooth (’70)
Snubbed: Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro
MoviesMusic, etc:
*Kraftwerk – “Autobahn” (`75)
(TV Spot) Philip Glass – “Geometry of Circles” (`79)
*Jethro Tull – “Solstice Bells” (`76)
Watership Down
(Ad) Pepsi Cola – “Psychedelic Animated Drive In Theater Ad”
(TV Spot) Sesame Street – “Pinball Machine Countdown”
(Ad) Bubblicious – “Animated Commercial” (`78)
*Leon Russell – “Roll Away the Stone” (`70)
*(TV Spot) Star Wars Holiday Special – “Boba Fett Cartoon” (`78)
*Cat Stevens – “Moonshadow” (`77)
*Pink Floyd – “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” (`77)
the Hobbit
(Ad) KJOI FM Radio – “Animated Commercial” (`79)
*Pink Floyd – “Relics” (`71)
*Genesis – Firth of Fifth (`73)
the Phantom Tollbooth
*Mott the Hoople – “All the Way to Memphis (w/ Felix the Cat)” (`73)
*Animated short or promo

11. Decade End Special #1: Jack Nicholson

Watched: Five Easy Pieces (’70), the Passenger (’75)
Snubbed: the Last Detail (’74), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (’75)
Movies:Music, etc:
Billy Joel – “Captain Jack” (`76)
Jerry Goldsmith – “Chinatown – Main Theme” (`74)
Bruce Springsteen – “Atlantic City” (Set to King of Marvin Gardens)(`82)
the Rolling Stones – “Jumpin Jack Flash” (`68)
Tammy Wynette – “Stand By Your Man” (`69)
(Movie Clip) Easy Rider – “First of the day, fellas!” (`69)
Steppenwolf – “Born to be Wild” (Set to Easy Rider) (`68)
Five Easy Pieces
(TV Spot) Actor’s Guild Awards – “Jack Nicholson accepts his award on the set of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
the Who (feat. Jack Nicholson) – “Go to the Mirror” (From “Tommy”)
(Movie Clip) As Good as It Gets – “How Do You Write Women So Well?” (`97)
(TV Spot) Ian Johnstone – “Interview with Jack Nicholson” (`82)
ACϟDC – “the Jack” (`79)
the Passenger
(TV Spot) Academy Awards – “Jack Nicholson Wins Best Actor” (`76)
(TV Spot) the Shining Behind the Scenes – “Jack Nicholson prepping for the Shining” (`80)
(Movie Clip) the Shining – “Jack Nicholson Laugh” (`80)
Ray Charles – “Hit the Road Jack” (Set to the Shining) (`60)
the Band – “Atlantic City” (`93)

10. 1979: Heart of Darkness

Watched: Apocalypse Now (Extended Edition), Mad Max
Snubbed: Vengeance is Mine, Wise Blood
Movies:Music, etc:
the Police – “I Can’t Stand Losing You”
the Pretenders – “Brass in My Pocket”
Nick Lowe – “Cruel to Be Kind”
Tubeway Army – “Are Friends Electric?”
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark – “Electricity”
the Buggles – “Video Killed the Radio Star”
Apocalypse Now (Extended Edition)
Madness – “One Step Beyond”
the B52s – “Rock Lobster”
Joy Division – “Transmission”
the Misfits – “I Turned Into a Martian”
Black Flag – “White Minority/Depression”
Mad Max
Charlie Daniel’s Band – “the Devil Went Down to Georgia”
Supertramp – “Goodbye Stranger”

9. 1978: Beginning of the End

Watched: Days of Heaven, Big Wednesday
Snubbed: the Deer Hunter, Autumn Sonata
Movies:Music, etc:
Dire Straits – “Sultans of Swing”
the Undertones – “Teenage Kicks”
Squeeze – ” Take Me I’m Yours”
Devo – “Jocko Homo”
Peter Gabriel – “Solsberry Hill”
Kate Bush – “Wuthering Heights”
Days of Heaven
(New Media) Yacht Rock – “1: What a Foold Believes”
(New Media) Yacht Rock – “2: Keep the Fire”
Steely Dan – “FM (No Static At All)”
Big Wednesday
Andrew Gold – “Thank You For Being a Friend”
Kenny Rogers – “the Gambler”
the Doobie Bros – “What a Fool Believes”

8. 1977: Hollywood’s Bronze Age

Watched: Star Wars (Despecialized Edition), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Eraserhead, the Duellists
MoviesMusic. etc:
Queen – “We Will Rock You” (Official Video)
Queen – “We are the Champions” (Official Video)
Electric Light Orchestra – “Living Things” (Unlicensed Video)
Iggy Pop – “the Passenger” (Unofficial Music Video)
David Bowie – “Heroes” (Top of the Pops)
Foreigner – “Feels Like the First Time” (Official Video)
Star Wars (Despecialized Edition)
Ram Jam – “Black Betty” (Official Video)
the Damned – “Neat Neat Neat” (Supersonic)
the Clash – “White Riot” (Official Video)
Elvis Costello – “Radio Radio” (Official Video)
Hall & Oates – “Rich Girl” (Top of the Pops)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Andrew Gold – “Lonely Boy” (Unofficial Video)
Mike McCollum Band – “Down at Greasy Lee’s” (the Gong Show)
Johnny Thunders – “Chinese Rock” (Licensed Video)
Player – “Baby Come Back” (Licensed Video)
Fleetwood Mac – “Never Going Back Again” (Fan Video)
Metro – “Criminal World” (Hits a Go Go)
the Duellists
Warren Zevon – Frank & Jessie James (Live in Studio)

7. 1976: Is It Just Me or Is It Getting Crazier Out There?

Watched: Network, Taxi Driver, God Told Me To
Snubbed: the Tenant
Movies:Music, etc:
Electric Light Orchestra – “Telephone Line” (Licensed Video)
Blue Oyster Cult – “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper” (Licensed Video)
Ramones – “Blitzkrieg Bop” (Licensed Live Video)
Sex Pistols – “Anarchy in the UK” (Supersonic)
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers – “I’m Straight” (Licensed Video)
ACϟDC – “T.N.T.” (Live from Family Jewels)
Boston – “More than a Feeling” (Official Video)
Kansas – “Carry on My Wayward Son” (Official Video)
the Bay City Rollers – “Saturday Night” (Midnight Special)
Taxi Driver
Jeanette – “Porque Te Vas” (Official Video)
Thin Lizzy – “Jailbreak” (Unlicensed Video)
Rainbow – “Tarot Woman” (Licensed Rough Mix Edit)
God Told Me to
Willie Nelson – “Red Headed Stranger” (Austin City Limits)
Chicago – “If You Leave Me Now” (Licensed Video)

6. 1975: Adventure!

Watched: A Boy and His Dog, the Eiger Sanction, the Man Who Would Be King
Snubbed: Dersu Uzala
MoviesMusic, etc:
Parliament – “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off this Sucker)” (Official Video)
Nazareth – “Hair of the Dog” (Spotlight)
Electric Light Orchestra – “Evil Woman” (Official Video)
Captain and Tennille – “Love Will Keep Us Together” (Official Video)
Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here” (Fan Video)
A Boy and His Dog
War – “Why Can’t We Be Friends” (Official Video)
Glenn Campbell – “Rhinestone Cowboy” (Official Video)
(Ad) American Sound – “Stereo Commercial”
Kraftwerk – “Radioactivity” (Official Video)
the Eiger Sanction
Kiss – “Rock and Roll All Night” (Promo Video)
(Ad) Mobil 1 – “The Oil that Saves You Gas”
Aerosmith – “Sweet Emotion” (Official Video)
the Man Who Would Be King
Bruce Springsteen – “Born to Run” (Live at Hammersmith)
10cc – “I’m Not in Love” (Official Video)

5. 1974: Crime!!, pt.II

Watched: the Godfather pt.II, Deathwish, Thunderboldt & Lightfoot
Snubbed: the Taking of Pelham 123
Movies:Music, etc:
Bachman Turner Overdrive – “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”
Gram Parsons – “Grevious Angel” (Fan Slideshow)
Richard & Linda Thompson – “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight”
Queen – Killer Queen
Hall & Oates – She’s Gone
the Godfather pt.II
(TV Spot) ABC News In depth – “One Day a Computer Will Fit on a desk”
(Ad) Parliament Funkadelic – “Up For the Down Stroke”
(TV Spot) Valley of the Dinosaurs – “cartoon opening”
(TV Spot) Black Sabbath – “Cartoon”
Black Sabbath – “Children of the Grave”
Abba – “Waterloo”
Death Wish
Ronnie Lane – “Ooh La La”
Thunderboldt & Lightfoot

4. 1973: Cozier Days

Watched: Badlands, the Sting, American Graffiti
Snubbed: Paper Moon
King Harvest – “Dancing in the Moonlight” (Fan Video)
John Cale – “Paris, 1919” (Fan Slideshow)
Procol Harum – “the Grand Hotel” (TV Performance)
Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Simple Man” (Official Video)
Mott the Hoople – “All the Way to Memphis” (Fan Video, Felix the Cat)
(Ad) Pringles – “Newfangled Potato Chips”
ZZ Top – “La Grange” (Fan Video, Peanuts Gang)
the Sting
Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn – Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man (TV Performance)
Thin Lizzy – “Whiskey in the Jar” (Fan Video)
Argent – “God Gave Rock and Roll to You” (Old Grey Whistle Test)
Thunderboldt & Lightfoot
Elton John – “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (Top of the Pops)

3. 1972: Crime!!!

Watched: the Godfather, the Harder They Come
Snubbed: Caliber 9, the Getaway (broken link, smh)
Movies:Music, Etc:
Randy Newman – “Dayton Ohio, 1903” (Fan Slideshow)
the Modern Lovers – “The Modern World” (Fan Video, Boston circa 1972)
the Rolling Stones – “Happy” (Fan Slideshow)
Raspberries – “I Wanna Be With You” (TV Performance)
Looking Glass – “Brandy” (Rolling on the River)
Randy Newman – “Political Science” (Fan Animated Video)
the Godfather
the O’jays – “Love Train” (Soul Train Dancing)
David Bowie – “Ziggy Stardust” (Fan Video, Footage from Live in Santa Monica)
T. Rex – “Metal Guru” (TV Performance)
Alice Cooper – “School’s Out” (TV Performance, AU)
Adriano Celentano – “Prisencolinensinainciuso” (TV Performance)
the Carpenters – “Goodbye to Love” (Fan Video)
the Harder they Come
Don McLean – “American Pie” (BBC)

Watched: the French Connection, Duel, Vanishing Point
Snubbed: Two Lane Blacktop
  1. 1970: (No Theme)
Watched: Waterloo
Snubbed: the Honeymoon Killers, Colossus: the Forbin Project, the Conformist

- Season 1 -