Bearded Swede, Executive Producer
Likes doggos and moobies and frens.

Big Dave, Executive Producer
80’s moobie buff and proud defender of the World Wide Meat Puddings Rock Society (WWMPRS).

Hundsnus, Executive Producer and Research Specialist
All-round movie buff, creator of Sunday Funday and CEO of Niceism.

Empy, Musical Director and Producer
Walking encyclopedia of music and composers and host of Tuesday Music Nights.

Marqtosis, VJ
Host of Sensei Thursdays and resident Anime Aficionado.

Steve Zee, VJ
Host of Super Seventies Saturday and in-house nautical expert.

Sgt Tuho, VJ
Curator of war movies and military strategies.

Mazzy, Editor-in-Chief and Taker-Up of Space
Still without emergency pants procedures.

Dog the Apu Hunter, ret.
Co-Founder of Spooky Movie Night Europa and dedicated OC creator.